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Stories from Nkuringo

by Ricardo Núñez Montero

Wilber Tumwesigye
Fred Nizeyimana

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"It all started in 1997, when our family was first sighted by a tracker patrol of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Nkuringo, which in Rukiga, the local language, means ‘rounded hill’, was the name chosen to baptise the imposing silverback who led the group (...)"


Hard cover
164 pages 24x17cm
15,000 word story
100 full-page photos

150 GSM paper, top quality matte varnish finish

ISBN 9 788409 270750

EBOOK (licensed pdf)

24x17cm at optimal resolution

164 pages

ISBN 9 788409 315765

The electronic version (82 Mb) has been optimized for 24x17 cm, just as the book, so it may lose quality when zoomed. It will fit perfectly in any tablet or iPad and the photos will be greatly enhanced by the backlight display. The reader's name and details will be subtly watermarked as a licensed copy.

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When Rafiki was killed by poachers in June 2020, the commotion spread to the main international media outlets. As a photographer, Ricardo Núñez Montero had run into Rafiki on countless occasions, and one of his images served to illustrate the reports from the New York Times, CNN or ABC News, among many others. But beyond the initial shock, Ricardo felt the need to tell his story, from his first contacts with humans to the circumstances surrounding his unfortunate death. This is the story of a family that is already part of the legend of one of the most beautiful and exuberant environments in the world: the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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About the Author
Ricardo Núñez Montero is a Spanish engineer utterly passionate about Uganda, where he travels regularly in order to follow up on the activities of Little Silverback. This Spanish NGO targeting children‘s education was co-founded by him and his wife Patricia in 2016. Ricardo has a deep knowledge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where he has specialised in photographing mountain gorillas in the wild. One of his pictures won the mammal category at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in 2018. All rights from his images belong to Little Silverback.